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Allow special or discounted shipping prices based on order value

At the moment we are able to use coupon codes in Wordpress in order to have "free shipping" when an order is above a certain value. Troly allows for shipping prices to be based on membership, bottle count, and destination. It would be great if shipping prices could also be set to be dependent on order value.

  • Vanessa Bruintjies
  • Apr 3 2019
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  • Victor Sapar commented
    29 May 11:35

    Hi Vanessa, 

    If implemented, will this require levels or variations such as free shipping above $100, free overnight shipping above $200, etc.? Do you know of other wineries who will want this feature in Troly? If this idea gets at least 5 unique votes, it is more likely that we will consider it. Especially if we see its business value.

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  • Rafe Nottage commented
    29 May 21:20

    Yes, we would also like this function. It existed in our online store before we implemented Troly. It gives people an incentive to buy the more expensive bottles of wine, for the perceived saving. As it stands I can only implement free shipping on the volume of the order, not the value - and volume alone isn't sufficient (sometimes) to justify free shipping.