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Allow service-specific option on shipments

When shipping with certain carriers, it would be great to be able to set the service I want for a specific shipment.

For example, with FedEx, I may use FedEx Ground as the default option for my shipments, but on some shipments, I may opt for FedEx Express. This is not another carrier, just another service option on the carrier.

  • Lexine Black
  • May 2 2019
  • Under Consideration
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  • Victor Sapar commented
    24 May 12:09

    Hello Lexine,

    Just following up on this idea that one of our Customer Support agents submitted on your behalf from a recent conversation you had.

    I suppose you want to have these new options in the "Shipping Carrier" drop down menu (see screenshot while placing an order for shipment. It could be that when you select FedEx another dropdown menu displays available FedEx Service Types (see screenshot:

    Right now, this idea is for "Future Consideration". We will revisit this idea when we get similar requests or when other wineries vote for your idea . Perhaps you know of other wineries who want the same? The more vote this idea gets, the higher the likelihood that it gets prioritised. 

    You will be notified accordingly by email once this idea progresses.