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Allow address abbreviation in the sign up form

Allow address abbreviation in the sign up form or when adding address i.e.St. and not Saint and won't affect the cheapest shipping cost.

The norm is to write St Kilda Road. Not Saint Kilda Road. Even in the Melway or Google maps etc, it is known as St Kilda Road or St Kilda as a suburb. I may be able to change after a customer places and order, but the initial order will still be placed by a customer using St Kilda.

  • Raquel Jones
  • May 6 2019
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  • Victor Sapar commented
    23 May 00:50

    Hello Raquel; 

    This is how Fastway currently works. It doesn't support abbreviations. Perhaps we can try to communicate this concern to them, but I suppose this has been reported by other users already. 



  • Raquel Jones commented
    03 Jun 10:45

    Hi Victor,

    Thank you for your feedback. I'm not sure now if this issue is to do with abbreviations and/or something else. I've had another order occur, this time with the suburb East Doncaster. The suburb is well within metropolitan Melbourne and serviceable by Fastway. Troly is set-up to choose the cheapest courier service. For East Doncaster, Troly has chosen Australia Post. I am not sure why. Fastway is the cheapest carrier to this suburb, not Australia Post. Is it because Fastway is set-up to recognise Doncaster East rather than East Doncaster? This issue may be bigger than just an abbreviation discrepancy. Would still be worth discussing with Fastway as they are a major courier for Troly and the cost of not using them and Troly choosing AustPost instead is double. This cost is worn by us as we don't charge freight to our customer, so it has an impact on our bottom line. Alternatively, a customer may not want to purchase a product if the freight is too costly. Many thanks.

  • Victor Sapar commented
    03 Jun 11:03

    Thanks for clarifying, Raquel. Do you want to change the idea description based on your comment?



  • Raquel Jones commented
    03 Jun 11:37

    Possibly, yes. Thanks Victor.