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Option to set non-physical product as pickup only if it's being sold online.

Troly supports non-physical items, but if these are sold on their own, the order must be for pickup and there is not currently a way to dictate this online.

  • Reuben Trinchini
  • May 8 2019
  • Waiting for interest
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  • Victor Sapar commented
    24 May 10:30

    Hello Reuben, 

    This idea has been submitted on your behalf by one of our Customer Support Agents. 

    As I understand it, what you want is when you create a non-physical product, like a booking, you would like to set it as pick up only. I assume all existing options for a non-physical product has been explained to you. 

    Do you know of other wineries who want this feature? Given the number of ideas we're getting from wineries like yours, what will help in prioritisation is the number of votes to an idea besides our assessment of its business value. 



  • Admin
    Hello Troly commented
    13 Aug 18:33

    Hi Reuben,

    Just letting you know that this was discussed internally to assess what could be done around this. This can definitely be added directly to your website. Our team would be happy to help with this however building this into Troly would require more support for the request, given it's a rather large piece of work. Do you know any of your neighbours using Troly and who would like to use this also? Alternatively, we can definitely organise a discussion if you are interested in sponsoring this feature.