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Sendle added to supported Add Ons

We have add ons for Fastway and Australia Post. Fastway doesn't do rural areas and Australia Post (knowing this) charge an arm and a leg for the service. Sendle provide for rural deliveries with a flat rate "rural surcharge", making them a viable competitor for Australia Post. Would be great for Troly to establish an account etc with Sendle, to add another option for postage options.Ā 

  • Rafe Nottage
  • May 26 2019
  • Waiting for interest
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  • Victor Sapar commented
    27 May 01:39

    Hello Rafe,

    Given the limitationsĀ in Fastway and Australia Post as far as shipping to rural areas as you described, Sendle seems like a good option. From your experience using Sendle, are there any other advantages or benefits over Fastway and Australia Post specific to wineries? Do you know of other wineries using Sendle? If an idea or request like this gets 5 or more unique votes, it will likely get considered and prioritised.Ā 



  • Rafe Nottage commented
    28 May 02:47

    Hi Vic. I haven't used Sendle yet but am looking into it. A wine retailer colleague does use them and says that she doesn't have any major issues (just the usual issues you get with any provider). Not aware of any other wineries using Sendle. Regards, Rafe