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Report for all FW or AP deliveries

An overview/report of all FW or AP deliveries. At this stage it seems I have to log into each order and copy and paste the label number into the Fastway website - which is very time consuming. How do I get an overview/summary?

  • Rafe Nottage
  • Jun 5 2019
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    Team Troly commented
    17 Jun 04:49

    Hi Rafe, 

    This is an interesting request, and looking at your discussion there with our team, I'd like to change the need for "a report" into offering "more granularity" on your order tracking;

    At the moment - Orders disappear from your order view on dispatch, and reappear 2 weeks later if they have not yet been delivered.

    What we would like to suggest is this:

    1. when the Dispatch buttons is clicked order are hidden (same as now)
    2. add new Filters to orders status to include 
      1. orders waiting to be picked
      2. orders in transit
      3. orders out for delivery
      4. orders redirected ("card left")
      5. orders successfully delivered
    3. orders not delivered within 2 weeks of dispatch will still be surfaced as error

    Additionally, after the order has been dispatched, the "status" will be be updated and clickable from the list of orders, for you to manually track a given order.

    What are your thoughts on that?



  • Rafe Nottage commented
    25 Jun 07:37

    Hi Alex

    Apologies for the delay in coming back to you.

    Yes, what you are proposing sounds like an excellent idea.

    Best regards



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    Bream Creek Vineyard

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