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Merge Duplicate contacts

To be able to merge contact including their old orders and records.

  • Reuben Trinchini
  • Jun 9 2019
  • Gathering Clarifications
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  • Admin
    Team Troly commented
    June 17, 2019 03:52

    Hi Reuben, This is an interesting suggestion, thank you.

    In other words, when viewing a customer record (customer A), it would be useful to use a tool to search for an other customer (customer B), and merge with the record currently being edited.

    After discussing this internally we'd like you to consider and confirm the following, if you can:

    1. Privacy issues can be enforced on your end (making sure that it's ok for the history of all purchases for customer B to appear against customer A history, keeping in mind customers have access to that information - through their Tasting Profile or your Website)
    2. Merging information: what is your take on which data "wins" when there are a conflict - would you say
      1. all information (address, membership, contact details, etc) from customer B should overwrite customer A, or
      2. only missing information should be overwritten
      3. the operator should be offered the complete detailed choice on which filed to overwrite, which not to.

    This idea has been discussed internally a few times, and granted we working hard to make Troly powerful yet simple, your responses would be important.

    Finally, would you be able to estimate how often you would use this function?