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Option to cancel pending orders when membership is cancelled

Affected Page or Feature

Customer Profile > Membership

Clients being affected

Delayed orders remain in the system after a membership was canceled. As the customer said "if she has canceled her membership should it not cancel any orders in the system? It just makes us look a bit silly if we tell them that there membership is cancel and then they still receive order?"

Nature of Change

Cancelling memberships will prevent Troly from creating further orders and sales initiatives. If there are pending orders for a customer (such as delayed orders), they will remain in the system. When canceling a membership, could the customer see a pop up message informing about any remaining orders (delayed,unpaid). The customer then would have the option to manually cancel the remaining orders (if needed) so that the membership is fully "closed" on both the winery and the customer's sides.

  • James Lusby
  • Aug 2 2018
  • Shipped
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